Learning Sites


A few of the places we have gone recently

Learning Sites Database (NetID required)

This NetID, protected database contains site evaluations provided by either students, residents or faculty associated with global health programs.  Each has a description of the site and links where available.  It is best to use contact information on the program’s website as names and emails change often. (Please report broken links to the global health coordinator.)

When you locate a site of interest, contact the site to see if they can take you during the time frame that works for your schedule.  Complete the MED 891C Pre-Clinical Site Approval Form (year 1) or the MED 891A Clinical Site Approval Form (year 4) as fully as possible and send to the global health coordinator.  Be sure to include your goals for the rotation.

If you wish to propose a new pre-clinical or clinical site, submit your approval form along with any information and brochures to the global health coordinator. The global health co-director(s) will determine if the site is appropriate for the rotation.

Regardless of whether the chosen site is existing or new, students must get approval from the global health co-director(s) prior to final confirmation with the site.

Once the site is approved, confirm the rotation dates with the global health coordinator. An affiliation agreement will be initiated if one is not already in place. The Student Elective Selection Form should then be completed and sent to the global health coordinator.  Please contact the coordinator if there are any questions regarding travel registration or any other aspect of travel.

Site Evaluation Submission (NetID required)

Site evaluations are required for students enrolled in MED 891C Global Health Externship and MED 891A Global Health Clinical Preceptorship upon completion of a rotation.  Residents are also required to submit an evaluation of their rotation site.